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        Mango yoghurt mousse

        Innovative yogurts -- innovative quality &nutritional healthy

        A crossover ice cream dessert, the way you want to eat

        Can't resist the taste journey; satisfy the daydream of N kinds of desserts.

        We provide a plan for you

        • High quality high-end desserts, refrigerated can serve as yoghurt mousse, frozen can serve as yogurt ice cream
        • Delicious fusion of fresh yogurt, cream and fruit
        • Perfect taste and high-end enjoyment, the spongy texture melts in your mouth
        • Convenience trend: a perfect combination of two product applications
        • For the crowd: children and urban fashion men and women, family DIY

        Innovative yogurts

        innovative quality &nutritional healthy

        Nutritional Information

        • The inflation rate 80~150%
        • Fat 5.0%protein 2.3%

        HOWBETTER? stable system

        • Good foam stability
        • Good freeze stability
        • Provide a rich sense of cream

        We provide application service for you

        Design and customize innovative product solutions

        For more information, please contact us

        Tel:+86 516 8326 5999


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