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        Dairy stabilizers

        Key performance Special application
        Protect the protein and control the fat floating HBT-A1192 / HBT-TJ301 / HBT-A1211 Ordinary modulation milk coffee milk
        Superior suspension capacity (UHT) HBT-A1401 / HBT-A1402 / HBT-A1516 Modulation of grain milk high calcium milk
        Superior suspension capacity (secondary sterilization) HBT-A1856 Chocolate milk
        Provide protein and enhance cream flavor HBT-A5318 / HBT-A5316 Greek-Style Yogurt
        Increase the cream feeling and provide consistency HBT-A5305 / HBT-A5314 / HBT-A5501 Whisk yoghourt
        Provide inflatable HBT-A5352 / HBT-A5501 Yogurt mousse Yogurt smoothies
        Protection of high protein heat stability HBT-A8560 / HBT0A5612 UHT sterilized constant temperature yoghurt
        Pasteurized normal temperature yogurt
        Protect the protein and provide consistency HBT-SD825 / HBT-A8102 / HBT-A8355 acidic milk-containing beverage lactobacillus beverage
        Provide fat stability HBT-A1611 / HBT-A1621 whipping cream whipping non-dairy cream

        Non-dairy stabilizers

        Key performance Special application
        Protect the protein and control the fat floating HBT-A7301 / HBT-A7305
        HBT-A7256 / HBT-A7261
        walnut drink,coconut milk,peanut milk
        Inhibit starch aging HBT-A7403 / HBT-A7408 Cereal beverages
        Provide gelling function HBT-A8129 / HBT-A923 jelly

        Frozen food stabilizers

        Key performance Special application
        Inhibit the formation of ice crystals HBT-A8104 / HBT-A0150 / HBT-A5329 Ice stick,Popsicle,frozen yogurt
        Increase the expansion rate and improve the solubility HBT-A0101 / HBT-A04201 / HBT-A01201 Hard ice cream
        Control bleeding,Improve whipability HBT-A0176 / HBT-A0170
        HBT-A0160 / HBT-A0180
        HBT-A5386 / HBT-A5370
        Neutral soft ice paste
        Chocolate soft ice paste
        Mixed yogurt soft ice paste
        Fermented yogurt soft paste
        Plant protein soft ice paste

        Convenient food stabilizer

        Key performance Special application
        Provide consistency and uniform texture HBT-ACV111 / HBT-ACV112 Ordinary mayonnaise,low-fat mayonnaise
        Provide heating stability HBT-ACV522 secondary sterilization vegetable salad

        Baking food stabilizers

        Key performance Special application
        Holding moisture,Provide the stability of the frozen melt HBT-ABF501 Long shelf life muffin
        Improve the color HBT-ABF301 Baking polish
        Provide baking stability HBT-ABF801 Baking jam
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